Buying an investment property: When is the best time?

Whether you're a new investor or you've been in the real estate game for a while now, you probably always want to get the best bang for your buck. You also probably want the transaction to be as smooth and stress-free as possible, right? While it's almost always a good to time to buy in Orlando's booming housing market, a certain time of the year has more advantages than others. So, when is it? And why is it? We're filling you in below!

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5 mistakes to avoid when buying an investment property in Orlando

Purchasing an investment property can be both exciting and fun, especially for new investors. However, like any investment, it requires time, work and your hard-earned money. It's not only important to take the time to learn what to do when first getting involved in the real estate market, but also what not to do. Here are five mistakes (many successful investors have made before) to avoid when buying an investment property in Orlando.

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Five tips for making your first real estate investment

Real estate is considered one of the most rewarding ways to invest. Aside from the financial benefits, the positive feedback from vacation-goers or long-term renters justifies all of your hard work. But like any investment, it's best to be knowledgeable and prepared before diving straight in. So, if you're considering your first real estate investment in 2018, check out these five tips!

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Top attractions coming to the theme parks in Central Florida this year

Last year brought some of the greatest attractions to the Orlando area. From Pandora: The World of Avatar to Volcano Bay, tourists and locals alike were not disappointed. But Orlando is crowned theme park capital of the world for a reason, and 2018 is welcoming new attractions at almost every theme park, too! Take a look at some of the top attractions and experiences coming to the theme parks in Central Florida below! 

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5 reasons Orlando is one of the best cities to invest in

A large amount of research and planning goes into making a real estate investment, and many will agree, location is the most important factor. While the home itself certainly has to be a winner in your book, location creates desirability and demand which will impact its value and appreciation over time. According to Business Insider, Orlando was the number one best place to invest in property in 2016 and 2017! If you're wondering why The City Beautiful is one of the best cities to invest in, check out the five reasons below! 

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4 things that will help you crush your 2018 real estate goals

The beginning of the year is such an exciting and motivating time, especially for those in the real estate industry. It's a time to analyze past performance, seek out new opportunities and begin planning for the next 12 months. So, whether you'll be making your first real estate investment this year or your fifth, check out these four things that will help you crush your 2018 real estate goals!

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Vídeo tour - Casa de férias em Orlando

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5 benefits of hiring a property management company for your rental home

Whether you're just getting into the real estate investment business or have owned several properties for a while, you probably know owning real estate is both rewarding and comes with many responsibilities. And while it may make sense to handle things by yourself if you're a handy person, live nearby and don't mind being on call seven days a week, sometimes it can become overwhelming, especially if you plan to acquire more properties in the future. So, if you're trying to decide if it's time to bring in some help, here are five benefits of hiring a property management company for your rental home.

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10 atividades em Orlando que nada têm à ver com os parques da Disney

(Matéria Original: Orlando Sentinel by Marjie Lambert)

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Trem de alta velocidade que ligará Orlando à Miami obtém aprovação Federal

Brightline, o primeiro serviço de trem privado de alta velocidade dos EUA, que ligará Orlando à Miami, obteve aprovação Federal para completar a conexão de Orlando. A primeira fase, que ligará West Palm Beach à Miami, deverá começar no início de 2018. Uma vez concluído o projeto de US $3 bilhões, os passageiros poderão sair no exterior do Aeroporto Internacional de Orlando e chegar em Miami em apenas 3 horas.

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